Silver Needle White Tea

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Product Category : White Tea;
Product Name :Silver Needle White Tea
Production Date : 2020;
Shelf Life : The Older The Better;
Storage Method : Clean, Sealed, Dry, Dark, No Smell, No Pollution;
Production Method : Hand Made;
Quantity : 500g / 1000g; 
Certificate :   HACCP,  ISO9001:2000 , QS (China quality safety certificate).

Bai Hao Yin Zhen, also known as Silver Needle, a highly sought afer white tea made in China's Northern Fujian province and only harvested for a couple of days each Spring, boasts young tender buds freshly plucked right before opening. Silver Needis is characterized by its unique needle like appearance covered with small white hair on the bud. This white tea dazzles with its savory aroma, rich body and smooth delicate cup.
It is processed through traditional scientific techniques by adopting Fuding big white tea and big pekoe tea as its raw material. It is picked in early spring for a few days out of the whole year and only the buds are plucked. The flavor is strong and durable and its taste is fresh and delicious with buttery, nutty flavor. Said to have a more pronounced flavor, though also delicate like other white teas, Yin Zhen is arguably the finest of white teas.
Brew Tips
1. Generally use 4g white tea per 200ml (7oz) water. 
2. The water temperature for brewing white tea should be 100% boiled water. 
3. Pour the hot water over the tea leaves, and wait for about 5 minutes’ infusion when the water becomes light yellow. 
4. Then enjoy the tea. Could brew 4-5 times.